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Ryosuke Miwa
Opéra National De Paris, France

I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to everyone at Cheng Ballet Academy. I am currently belonging to the Opera de Paris as a contract dancer. Cheng Ballet Academy is like the hometown of my ballet journey and always in my heart wherever I am even in Japan or France. From Paris, I wish the Academy all the best.

Ryosuke Miwa  Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Reira Ikeda
Milwaukee Ballet II, USA

I am currently a dancer with Milwaukee Ballet II as well as being a student pursuing a degree in Health Science at Purdue University. My years of training at Cheng Ballet have not only built my technique but also gave me qualities that allowed me to stand out amongst others in the competitive industry. A huge part of my artistry stems off the passion that Mr and Mrs Cheng had exposed me to, and there are many days where I look back on the training I received to remind myself of their teachings. I am forever grateful for the time I have spent with Cheng Ballet and the experience will be a fundamental part of my life.

Reira Ikeda Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Hana Yoshitomi
Bolshoi Ballet Academny, Russia

Cheng Ballet Academy has been my second home since 2012. Throughout my years at Cheng Ballet, I was blessed with many opportunities to experience performing on stage, competing overseas, building my interpersonal skills and learning not just classical ballet, but contemporary, character dance, and historical dance under the Russian style as well. Since young, Iʼve always dreamt of dancing ballet as a career and without the love, passion and support of Mr. and Mrs. Cheng, I wouldnʼt have been the dancer I am today. Currently, Iʼm on my second year studying at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. I will forever be grateful for everything that Iʼve learnt, both as a dancer and a person, and will never forget the days Iʼve danced with everyone at Cheng Ballet.

Hana Yoshitomi Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Leo Cheng
Zurich Dance Academny, Switzerland

Through the years of Training under Cheng Ballet Academy, I have learnt many Important lessons, technically and artistically. Since we often had rehearsals and performances, it was really helpful for us to learn and experience what life would be like in a company. The body conditioning Cheng Ballet provides is also really helpful and really shapes our bodies and dancing. The Cheng Ballet training program is very beneficial in terms of stamina, strength and artistry. I thank all my teachers who have taught me so far at Cheng Ballet for helping me make it this far.

Leo Cheng Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Yuki Nagayasu
Royal Ballet School, UK

Cheng Ballet inspired me to dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. The teachers taught me the basics and gave me the opportunities to take part in such wonderful performances and competitions. I was also blessed with a group of highly motivated friends, and I fondly remember the days we encouraged each other. I am currently studying at the Royal Ballet School in the UK, moving steadily towards my desired future, I will keep improving my performance, while never forgetting to thank those who have supported me. I hope you all keep working towards your dreams.

Yuki Nagayasu Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Rieka Negishi
The Australian Ballet School, Australia

My time at Cheng Ballet Academy has helped me build a strong foundation technically and artistically. The barre and stretching exercise training I learnt at Cheng Ballet Academy is something that I still diligently do daily to maintain my flexibility and stamina despite my busy schedule at The Australian Ballet School. I couldnʼt thank my teachers enough for motivating me to move forward with my passion and love in ballet. I am forever grateful for how Cheng Ballet Academy has molded me for who I am today.

Rieka Negishi Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Miwa Fujimura
John Cranko Schule, Germany

During my two and a half years at Cheng Ballet Academy, I have trained and learnt various things that are related to technical and basic skills of ballet. Those skills include English communication, mental skills, interpersonal skills with other mates and many more. Cheng Ballet Academy is also where I learnt about and fell in love with the world of ballet. I believe that it is because of these cumulative experiences that I am now able to enroll and study at John Cranko Schule. I will continue to connect everything that I have learned at Cheng Ballet Academy to my daily lessons.

Miwa Fujimura Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni
Myla Goldberg
L' École Nationale De Ballet Du Canada (ÉNB), Canada

I joined Cheng Ballet Academy when I was four years old and continued there for the next 8 years until joining Canada's National Ballet School this year. The ballet education I received at Cheng Ballet from Mr and and Mrs Cheng and all of my other teachers provided me with the technical and artistic foundation in classical and contemporary ballet necessary to succeed in this professional ballet training program. The opportunity to perform on stage regularly in Reverence and full-length historical ballets inspired my passion for ballet very much. Thank you Cheng Ballet - I will never forget your care & support over the years!

Myla Goldberg Cheng Ballet Academy Alumni